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...dream cars at dream prices with no hassle

Using My Car Guy to find a new or used vehicle will save you a tremendous amount of time, eliminate any haggling with sales people, and net you a deal that you likely can't touch on your own. You can't lose by giving us a try. After nearly 13 years in the San Francisco area our warehouse was put up for sale and we moved to a warehouse in Groveland - last town on Hwy 120 before Yosemite.

My Car Guy provides automotive consulting services as a licensed broker/dealer/consignor:


How valuable is your time? Aren't you sick of dealing with auto sales people? My Car Guy does all the research, searching, and negotiations. You get a hassle-free deal on a new car - usually at dealer invoice, plus or minus $500, no matter where you live. A flat fee of $400 is charged for our services, so we have no incentive to push you toward a higher priced vehicle. It doesn't matter where you live - we can really help.

My Car Guy deals directly with fleet managers, general managers, or sales managers - people who are compensated by salary and a bonus based upon unit volume.

What you can save on a new car purchase through My Car Guy is a function of:

  • supply/demand factors of a particular vehicle
  • the percentage markup from Dealer Invoice to MSRP
  • the broker's relationship with the dealer
  • how much you value your time

If we can t save you a significant amount over what you could likely negotiate on your own, our flat fee is lowered. All aspects of the new car transaction are fully disclosed: you see the dealer's invoice before the transaction is finalized. Be aware of other brokers who offer a similar service at a lower flat rate: most of the time they are buying the vehicle from a dealer, and then selling itto you. You have no way of knowing what that broker's total compensation is.

New car dealers generally have excellent sources of vehicle financing as most are tied by computer to more than 100 lending institutions. However, it is often advisable to have your own financing approved prior to selecting a vehicle. Having pre-approval assures that you are treated fairly, and gives you the opportunity to take cash rebates instead of low-ball dealer interest rates. Call us for a referral to a lender.


Used vehicles can be purchased through an extensive search, sometimes aided by an informal network of about 200 independent brokers all over the country. Used car managers and general managers will typically tell us how long they have had a vehicle and what they paid for it. Their primary concern is inventory control and turnover, so typically they will give us prices that are slightly above cost, or if it's an aged unit the price could even be below their cost. Dealer auctions and dealer online exchanges are another possible source.

Vehicles found in a search are put onto a spread sheet and emailed to customers. Prices are typically below Kelley Blue Book Wholesale - 10% or more below is not untypical. How much below wholesale can only be found by completing a search. Used vehicles have dealer mark-ups that can be 2 to 2.5 times that of new cars, so the potential savings can be substantial. The process is far more involved than on a new vehicle, so our flat fee is $800, of which $200 is up front in the form of a retainer.

We can also help determine the value of a car you may want to sell or donate, and possibly assist in the marketing of that car.


We have a warehouse/office about two miles northeast of Groveland, CA  Because we have very low overhead compared to the Bay Area we can inventory eight to ten vehicles - from late-model to vintage collectibles - and offer them at or near wholesale prices. For cars purchased from our inventory, with less than 150,000 miles, we offer extended warranties at our wholesale cost - which is about half what others charge for the same coverage.


One of the most difficult tasks for vehicle owners is the selling of a vehicle they own. Trading a vehicle at a dealership on the purchase of a new or used vehicle can leave thousands of dollars on the table. It is important that the two transactions be kept entirely separate.

At the very least we can give you an honest appraisal of what your vehicle is worth and what your expectations should be. We will consider assisting sellers of vehicles by taking on consignment a limited number of vehicles. My Car Guy has a substantial Internet presence: ads are loaded to one system which automatically loads to AutoTrader.com, CraigsList.org, our own Web site, and 18 other automotive sites.

If the vehicle is kept in our warehouse there is a $200 per month flooring charge. Upon sale of the vehicle, My Car Guy is paid a fee of $900 plus 4% of the selling price (most consignment services charge 10%-15% or more).

Potential buyers are offered extended warranties at our wholesale cost, which is 50% to 60% lower than what other dealers would charge for the same thing. This is a significant plus to a buyer.


Extended Warranties (officially called Extended Service Contracts) sold by new and used car dealers have huge mark-ups and are one of their biggest profit centers. My Car Guy has access to what is arguably the best policies offered anywhere. Bumper-to-bumper contracts are priced about 1/2 of that offered at most dealers because we mark them up only $200 above our wholesale cost on brokered vehicles. On vehicles sold from our inventory we offer warranties at our wholesale cost. We can also offer powertrain-train-only warranties that run 5 years and adds 100,000 miles to the current odometer reading - all for about $1,195.


My Car Guy can save you a bunch, especially on wheels. Even at the major on-line retailers the mark-up on wheels is around 22% to 38%. We mark-up wheels $100 or 10%, whichever is greater, over our wholesale cost.


My Car Guy has identified top vehicle service companies who will give our customers wholesale rates, which are generally less than 50% of retail. We can really help you prepare a vehicle for sale, or in restoring a vehicle to like-new condition.


My Car Guy is featured in Edmunds.com Buyer's Tip, "Using a Car Broker to Buy Your Next Vehicle"

My Car Guy is among the highest rated on Yelp.com

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